I will start by saying, I am not. Let me rephrase that. I have no degree in health, no license to claim myself as any sort of wellness expert. I can say that I am an expert in the world of fitness-specifically, Pilates. But even as a certified Pilates instructor with years of teaching and training, I am still and will always be a student, hungry for new ideas and information. I feel the same way about other health and wellness experts. There are millions out there with many different credentials but have you ever noticed how many varying ideas there are on this one seemingly simple subject? Health. That’s just it-it seems so simple. But if it were so simple, than why are we as a country, as a planet, so obsessed with a new idea on the subject every minute of everyday? Because not one person can claim ownership of what it means to be truly healthy. Not a one. And in the grand scheme of my life I am just barely beginning to understand what health and wellness means to me. There are so many opinions, fads, political debates, philosophies, schools, books, shows, classes…you name it…dedicated to the subject. Diets, cleanses, pills, meditations, medications, gurus, doctors, nutritionists, psychics, energists, yogis, scientists…all searching for that golden answer, or rather claiming that they have found it. It’s no wonder we are all getting too fat, too skinny, over medicated or not medicated enough, ill and depressed…because who the heck knows which path to follow? So here, in the House of Health, I’d like to share the pearls of wisdom I have gained and continue to search for on the quest to my own better health and wellness. I’m no expert. I’m no doctor. But when it comes to my health, I get EDUCATED! I want to know why I make the choices I make for my body and my mind. I hope this blog will inspire you to do the same. And please, whatever you choose to do for yourself, share your ideas, stories and opinions here!!!! Lets make this a place where people can learn from others’ experiences and perhaps see something in a new way. Lets educate one another with our stories because at the end of the day, that is truly all we have. Scientists can produce data all day long, but personal experience is the best truth we have because it lives within us.