With the year quickly coming to a close, there is something I have been thinking about a lot lately: the importance of a thank you. As I get older, I find myself getting less and less thank yous for the things I do, and am sure I am not alone in this. I love to help others out, celebrate friends and give gifts, and truly do it to be thoughtful and not for the thank you that should come in return. However, it is always nice to know that someone appreciates the effort that you have made.  And as the world becomes more tech savvy, I somehow find that it becomes easier for people to forget to say thank you. I can count numerous times this year that I have been emailed a question from an old friend or acquaintance about something and after responding in-depth, I never hear from them in return!

Because email is not something we do face-to-face, it makes us able to easily blow-off the other person, or simply end the conversation without a close. I just don’t understand why people can’t make the effort to click “reply” and send a quick thank you when someone else has offered help. If someone gives you a gift, send him or her a thank you note. And if thank you notes just aren’t something you have been raised to write, how about a quick text, email or phone call? You have so many simple options that there is no reason a person should go without a thank you. It will take you all of a minute of your time and it lets someone know that their gift or their help or their whatever-they-did-for-you, has been recognized and appreciated. If someone goes out of their way to give you information about something, or was good friend in a hard situation, or made a phone call on your behalf, sent you a gift or threw you a party, give them the thanks that they deserve. Take a second this week to think about all of those people who may have gone out of their way for you this year and before the year is over, send them a quick thanks if you somehow forgot. It is a small effort on your part that will make a big difference to the receiver.

Thank you to everyone who has gone out of your way for me this year. I hope I have already thanked each one of you, but if for some reason you did not receive the thanks you are owed, I apologize and am truly grateful. May you receive many thanks this week and for all you do for others in the year to come.