My CamelBak is my best friend! Like my purse, it comes with me everywhere I go. In fact, I even bring her with me wherever I am in the house! My Camelbak is my pink BPA free plastic water bottle. I have literally had the same one for years, probably because it is as important to me as my keys, so I never lose her. She is the KEY to me getting the water I need everyday.

We learn our entire lives how important it is to drink water and yet we are still a dehydrated population. People are not drinking enough water and water truly is what keeps us living. Nearly 60% of our body is water. Drinking enough water helps so many medical ailments such as chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, digestive problems, urinary tract problems, constipation, skin problems, migraines, and so much more…The old 8 glasses of water a day is a great starting place but chances are you aren’t even getting that much, especially if your drinking glass is a four-ounce cup. They say you should try to aim to get at least about half your body weight in ounces a day. If you are very active, you will need more. But the great news is, if you find a friend like the Camelbak, it will be easy to drink more water daily! Not only is it easy to tote around with you, but the large drinking straw it comes with makes it very easy to drink lots of water.

It will become a habit if you take the time to train yourself to remember. I seriously do not leave my house without it. I bought one that fits perfectly in my Prius’ cup holder and even when I am about to drive out my driveway without her, I go back and grab it. You may think that seems a bit much but because I have become so used to taking in so much water regularly, I will be parched without her! That, and drinking and driving is the easiest time to get your water! What else have you got to do? Plus, in your car you have total control of the temperature so you can’t ever make the excuse that it is too cold to drink your water. (If you don’t have a car, get a water bottle that is lightweight to carry around the city with you).  They have all different shapes and sizes of water bottles these days, glass, aluminum, plastic…you name it…and the key is to get one you like and will commit to using! Or get a couple different sizes if you prefer not to carry around the same size all of the time. The point is to make it a part of your day, everyday, so that you continue to nourish your body with the best thing for it.

For those of you that drink out of disposable water bottles, I am afraid to say my friend, that drinking water that way is a thing of the past. It has recently become well-known that hormones are finding their way into our plastics and have terrible effects on our health. (Click here for facts about the harmful effects of drinking out of disposable plastic water bottles). Plus, it is definitely not good for the environment. (Click here for facts on the effects of water bottles on our planet). If you hate the taste of tap water invest in a water filter. Camelbak now has a water filter in their newest models which is a very inexpensive way to get filtered water!). We probably spent $400 on installing one in our kitchen but not only does the water taste the way it should (clean and flavorless) but it can move with us from house to house and is worth the investment considering that 90% of the water I drink comes from that filter. If a filter is not an option, do some research on cost-effective alternatives.

If you are someone who believes drinking tea, juice or soda counts for some of your water intake, I am sorry to say it absolutely doesn’t count. Coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate you while the sugar and caffeine in the other three are also dehydrating. Unfortunately, same goes for sparkling water. We need water in its pure form! If you hate the taste of it, add some lemon. Not only will it give it some flavor, but lemon also aids in digestion and is great for your body. So go out and buy yourself a Camelbak or whatever tickles your fancy (just make sure it is BPA free!) and get your drink on, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed.  You will do wonders for your health in the most natural, easiest way.