In honor of Mother’s Day, I was initially going to write about which nutrition bars are the best for snacks, because my mother had asked me awhile back to help her figure out which ones are healthier to eat. But as I sat down to write I couldn’t help but start thinking about what a great mother she is and why. So, I am saving the nutrition bar post for another time and this one is for the women of the world. Whether or not you are a mother, we have all had one at one time or another or have had an important woman in our life that has loved us the way a mother does.

As a child, my mom worked full-time. She was a dental hygienist, making a good living so that my dad could continue to pursue his dream of becoming a successful filmmaker. He too, worked hard, long hours to make his career happen, while my mom also continued her career in order to move us to a better neighborhood for the better schools, etc…My sisters and I spent most afternoons at daycare and as three of the last ones to leave, I hated it. I also didn’t love it when our nanny would show up to pick us up in her beat up red Pinto. Shallow, I know, but true. So when Mom was home, I was mean to her and blamed her for putting us in daycare and for having to be picked up in the Pinto. Not Dad – he could do no wrong; he was gone enough of the time shooting films that it was a treat to see him. He was the “Disneyland Dad”, bringing home gifts from his travels. It never occurred to me that Mom was working so that both of our parents could give us everything we would ever want and need.  Can you imagine working a job you dislike all day, then coming home to cranky children that don’t exactly seem thrilled to see you? I am sure many of you can.

Being a mom today is tricky. Being a woman today is tricky. We want to do everything and be everything. Elizabeth Gilbert put it so fantastically in an article for “O” magazine (Thanks, Noelle, for sending to me!):

“When I look at my life and the lives of my female friends these days — with our dizzying number of opportunities and talents — I sometimes feel as though we are all mice in a giant experimental maze, scurrying around frantically, trying to find our way through.  But maybe there’s a good historical reason for all this overwhelming confusion. We don’t have centuries of educated, autonomous female role models to imitate here (there were no women quite like us until very recently), so nobody has given us a map.  As a result, we each race forth blindly into this new maze of limitless options.”*

So, when you celebrate the mothers of the world tomorrow, remember how freaking amazing they are, and how amazing we are as women, as we navigate blindly through the many roles, pressures and opportunities we face in life.

Thank you, Mom, for being the best Mom a girl could ever have, and for showing me with your love, that everything I want in life really is possible.

*Definitely worth reading the rest of the article at