photo (11)Three years ago today I wrote a post on easy ways to help mother earth. One of the things I started doing that month was I began to compost. I bought an inexpensive, small compost bin, compost starter , a glass jar to put waste in the kitchen (before transferring to the compost) and began the process. (My old post has details of what I bought which all came from Ebay and was easy peasy). But I will be honest. At first I was a bit disgusted by the dirtiness of it all – It took a little getting used to seeing the moldy food turn to mud and spinning the compost weekly to aerate the dirt and help along the process. But I stuck with it and though I admit I don’t compost each and every piece of food waste, I do consistently add to it and am amazed by how easy and effective composting is for our planet! It is incredible how much food waste it takes to make a small pile of compost “mud” as I like to call it.  It’s true that at least one-third of our waste has been reduced by the simple act of composting. This weekend for only the second time in three years, I emptied the “mud” onto our grass and plants around the yard.  I was surprised how moved I was while doing it; I was giving back to the earth this rich beautiful compost that was made from the scraps of all of the same beautiful food the earth had given to our family. I felt just a little more connected to nature – the way I do when I go for a long hike or walk by the water.

If you haven’t been out in nature in a while, do yourself a favor and get out there.  If you can’t get near the ocean or mountains, go outside and take in the moon and stars tonight. Go camping. Go swimming. Watch the birds, check out the flowers and trees. It will help remind you why it is SO important that each and every one of us do our part to protect our gorgeous planet. In honor of Earth Day find something easy you can do to help our planet. Check out my suggestions from my older post. There are so many easy things you can do. And if you aren’t motivated by doing it for yourself, do it for our children, grandchildren and all children of the future.

Happy Earth Day.

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This Post was originally written by Lana House

Studio Owner, House Pilates