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This month marks the fourth year since I began writing this blog. And sadly, this is only my second post of the year. But what can I say- life took over. Life with a baby that is now a toddler majorly took over. And I have missed writing. I have missed sharing my stories and my journey toward greater health and I miss hearing regularly from my readers.  I miss the creative expression part of me that has most recently been replaced with Mommy time. But I have been on an amazing journey these past few weeks that is bringing me back to my writing and to my creative side.

I have been following Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s free 21-day meditation for the past two and a half weeks and have been meditating regularly for the first time since well before Beckett was born. Wow, it really feels great. Back in ­­­­July of 2011 I posted about my first experience meditating after taking a weekend course on Vedic meditation. While I enjoyed the feeling that came with meditating regularly, it was the way I felt when I stopped meditating regularly when I really noticed what a positive impact it had had on my life.  (Here is my story). Anyway, jumping back into these past few weeks of meditating have had a greater impact than ever before which became very clear to me this past week.

Beckett, my nearly twenty month old, and I were on our way home from a lovely lunch with my cousin in law that was in town from Australia. It was minutes before Beckett was due to take a nap so I was singing my heart out trying to keep him from falling asleep and melting down in the car as he was clearly very tired from all of the morning’s fun.  All of a sudden out of nowhere I see an SUV grill speeding VERY quickly in my rear view mirror that in no way looks like it is slowing down. Moving at the speed limit we were suddenly slammed into by the speeding SUV behind us. Crash! We were hit hard but thankfully it became quickly clear to me that both Beckett and I were okay. I got out of the car and went around to grab my screaming, very scared toddler to calm him and make sure he was okay. I then went to check on the driver who hit us who was still sitting in the driver’s seat very upset.  I told him as I had repeatedly been telling Beckett, “Take deep breaths. It’s okay. We have all been on our phones while driving”. No panic on my part. No anger. No feeling bad. No worry. Just calm.

I am not positive whether it was being a mom in this situation with my child in the car that needed to be cared for immediately and/or the meditations that had made the difference but this was by far the most calm I have ever been in a high stress situation. I felt nothing but grateful that everyone was okay.  I have to believe the regular meditating that I have been doing played a part. The old me would have gotten mad at the upset college kid that was illegally on his phone or felt really bad for myself for being in this situation (Please don’t text and drive!). But not this time: I just felt happy everyone was okay and that we only had a minor pain in the neck (pun intended) to sort out.

There is so much busyness in our lives today. As a society we are addicted to being busy. What do you do to calm your mind and your body? There are so many ways to help us slow down – meditation, yoga, prayer, deep breathing – what works for you?

In light of Thanksgiving tomorrow, I just wanted to say that I am so grateful to have found meditation again so that I am mindfully grateful every day, not just during this time of year (Check out the free meditations from Deepak and Oprah! They are good for five days after they were posted so you still have some time to enjoy the last week and they are short and sweet with beautiful messages and music for each day).

I am so grateful for all on my first Merci Beaucoup post, Deux, and Trois, and am particularly grateful for my family’s health this year.  Thank you for still reading, four years later, despite the gaps in the posts and the life that has distracted me from my passion for sharing my health and wellness journey. I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving!


“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.” ~William Faulkner

Written By Lana House

Studio Owner, House Pilates